Thursday, June 30, 2016

Beat the Heat at Dan's Wine Shop

Dan's Wine Shop has been keeping desert residents, visitors and snowbirds hydrated with quality juice for more than a decade. This summer, proprietor Dan Sullivan is taking a hiatus and giving his loyal wine-loving fans a send-off: a 10% discount on his already value-priced wines through Saturday at 5 pm on this holiday weekend.
A trio of wines from Dan's Wine Shop in Palm Desert

Dan's is one of the last of the mid-valley's small wine boutiques.  Over the past couple of years, as big-box retailers like Total Wine, BevMo and Costco have upped the ante, many small wine sellers have packed their bags. The desert lost LA Wine Company last summer and the bistro and wine shop Third Corner a few months before that. Through it all, even before most of those other spots opened, Dan has been there with his ever-changing quality wine selection.

La Quinta has gained a couple of newer wine venues during that time, including LQ Wine, which is also strong in craft beers, and La Rue Wine Bar. While Cathedral City lost Vino 100 many years back, Palm Springs is holding on with Desert Wines and Spirits.

Right now, Dan's has a buffed selection of his hand-picked winners, included international stars, American favorites and of course, those producers you might not know who are making fantastic wine. Dan's tagline of "Great advice...great price" holds true.

Whether you want to stock up for summer or find a few cellar-worthy gems to enjoy when it finally cools down, you'll have plenty of choices at Dan's. Find the shop at 73-360 Highway 111 between Lupine and Sage in central Palm Desert just a couple blocks west and across the street from the Jensen's on the service road facing south. He'll be open from 10 am to 5 pm Friday and Saturday, July 1st and 2nd. Or, call the shop at 760.674.0305, email

Be sure to wish Dan a well-deserved vacay!

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