Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome to Write on Wines!

Wine is a pleasure that begs to be shared. Welcome to my new blog where I'll write on wines that thrill, elevate a dish or deliver great value. I'll also write on wines with back stories, wines made by vintners worth knowing about and wines from places turning out great juice across the New World. Ditto for the Old World. There will be travel and vacation wines, restaurant wines and party wines. I'll remember to write on easy-drinking wines, once-in-a-lifetime wines and a lot of everything in between.  I'll dig up some special-occasion wines, wines for one and wines that come in a box. As an equal-opportunity wine lover, I'll also be sure to write on red wines, white wines, rosé, bubbly and dessert wines - heck, maybe I'll learn enough about port and sherry to write on those wines as well. Have I missed any? If so, let me know and I'll write on those wines too. Thanks for dropping by!

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